Reiki Level I ($200) – is intended for students to be introduced to Reiki, to learn the basics so they can begin their own personal healing process and practice on friends and family. This course covers the history of Reiki, hand positions and protocol for the treatment of self and others, and plenty of time for practice. Level 1 attunement and comprehensive manual are included.

Reiki Level II ($300) – allows the student to begin a professional practice if desired, but many who wish to practice Reiki on a personal level also enjoy this course. Level II increases the amount of Reiki that flows through the practitioner’s hands and also allows the student to begin to send Reiki long distance, as well as through time. This course includes the Level II manual, three symbols that strengthen and direct the Reiki energy, the Level II attunement, and plenty of time for practice. Upon completion, students will have the skill and comfort level to start their own Reiki practice.

Once you are signed up, Kris will email you with further details of the class and how to prepare 2 days prior to the class date.